3 Must Have Living Room Decoration That Should Not Be Forgotten

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3 Must Have Living Room Decoration – Living room is the first place to be visited by the guests which is why, this welcoming spot should be filled with interesting living room decoration. These accents are not only pieces to make the living room look complete but they also must enhance the room’s style too. Go match the furniture with the additions so that when they are all paired together, it creates something harmonious and eye catching to look at. Well, here are some must have living room decors you should know.

Pillow, either decorative or throw is a first must have piece. Do dress up your plain colored couch with these additions and you can mix up the hues of the pillows. For giving sweet look, play also with knitted pillows among the cotton covers. Giving these must exist living room decoration is the simplest way to get a fresh look as you can change the look of the room by changing the cover. Remember not to take pillows with the same hues brought by the couch as sometimes, something contrast is much away better.

Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Something personal is the next living room decoration that should be included in this important spot. Add family photographs on the fire pit mantels; display your lovely collections on the floating shelves, and all the things about your interest. The presence of something personal at the living room shows about welcoming feel. Do make the room feels homier with these personal living room accessories as without them, the room will feel so cold and uninviting.

Drapes and rugs are the last option making the living room looks more complete. Buy these two pieces coming with harmonious tones or if you like with something contrast, bear in your mind to buy the one which at least has the same tone with other aspects. So, look at your living room space right now and decide whether it has already those living room decoration or not!

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas, Enlarge Your Room With Decorating Techniques That Fool The Eyes

Using these four designer secrets and small living room decorating ideas can make all the difference between feeling cozy or feeling cramped in your space. When you have only one room where you relax, watch TV, read and entertain it can be quite challenging to decorate to maximize the space and accomplish all these goals.

There’s great news for you. When you use these decorating solutions you won’t need a lot of space to create a functional and stylish room. The trick is to enlarge your small room by using design techniques that fool the eyes.

#1: Furniture Arrangement

Multipurpose furniture designed to fit the space helps you maximize the limited square footage. Sleeper sofa sectionals are more practical than a sofa and a bed when your small living room is in a studio apartment. You get a stylish living area by day and a comfortable bedroom at night, all in one room. Furniture elevated on slender legs and armless sectionals and chairs help make your space feel more open and airy.

Small Living Room in White of New York City Apartment with Exposed Brick Wall

Small and Chic Living Room Idea in White with Light Gray Backdrop Ideas

#2: Color Ideas

Outfitting your room with furnishings in a color similar to the wall color makes the space feel larger. Adding colorful and textured accessories creates a sense of breadth. Borrow space from an adjoining room by visually connecting the rooms with similar materials. Using one flooring material or wall color creates flow from room to room and makes your living room feel more spacious.

Modern White and Black Leather Sofas with for Small Living Room

#3: Lighting Ideas

Use light creatively to make your small room feel more expansive. Hang colorful curtains on the windows or create wall cutouts into other rooms to draw the eye outside the living room. Add materials such as mirrors, glass and metals that reflect light to give the illusion of more space.

Small Living Room FurnitureLiving Room Furniture DesignsLiving Room Furniture Designs

Small Living Room FurnitureDesign Modern Living Room Chairs Living Room Furniture

Make the room appear taller by painting the ceiling a very light shade of blue reminiscent of the sky or paint the ceiling with high gloss paint to give the impression of height. Add a skylight to create a sense of depth or install recessed lighting to bring more light into the room without taking up a lot of space.

#4: Decorating

Free up floor space and tabletops by using vertical space. Line the walls with shelving and bookcases where you can store ornamental and functional home decor objects. Stow portable furniture in closets and bring it out when more seating is needed for guests. Dress up the chairs with decorative slipcovers that complement your decorating style.

Living Room Furniture For Small Rooms - Small Living Room Decorsmall Living Room Decor

Apartment Living Room IdeasMore Images Of Decorating Ideas For Small Apartment Living Rooms

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Just because you may have limited space doesn’t mean you must have limited style. Try a few of these designer techniques for decorating with furniture, lighting, color and home accessories to make the space feel larger. Using these small living room decorating ideas will create a big impact in your room.

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