25 Modern Home Office Desks for Small Spaces

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Perfect Combination of Workdesk and Chair for the Ergonomic Home Office

Modern home office is increasingly becoming a place that needs to multitask as working from home becomes more common. Technology definitely has improved the ease with which one can connect from almost anywhere. But you still need a practical, organized workstation that allows you to focus on the job at hand while making everything else a lot easier. At the heart of this workstation is the home office desk. From the slim and refined to the large and classic, your choice of the office desk selection depends on essentially your work needs and also the style of the room.

With that in mind, we present to you 25 stylish and innovative home office desks that make your everyday job comfortable and stress-free. Whether your job demands pending endless hours on your laptop or submerges you in a pile of documents, these trends desks can handle it all!

Slim Desk with Smart Drawers for the Home Office Ideas

Modern Wooden Work Desk from Sixay Furniture

Wooden Home Office Desks

If we have been harping on about the delightful use of wood in home décor as the defining trend of 2017, then it is for good reason. Office desks are no different in this regard, as many of the models recently unraveled like the Treviso desk by Ercol in mesmerizing walnut bring both visual and textural contrast to the contemporary home office. The Matthew Hilton-designed desk is still contemporary in its silhouette even while the rounded edges and the small drawers give it a traditional vibe.

Goregous Treviso Desk in Walnut is Perfect for The Smart Home Office

Wooden Work Table Adds Both Textural and Geometric Contrast to The Home Office

The D1 Desk from Andersen Furniture brings an even more modern sheen to the wooden work desk with its sophisticated gray finish and Nordic design. If you are shopping for something less ultra-sleek for your traditional home office then the desk from Sixay furniture could be the one for you.

Space-Savvy Home Office Desks

It is the round home office desk that is the biggest space-saver in the small home office, if you are not really looking to bring home a folding desk. The smart, round home office table is also a great idea for those who expect to host clients regularly as it offers more seating space. The smart desk next to the wall with just 2 legs is another clever design that allows you to transform even the smallest corner in kitchen or hallway into a stylish work zone.

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Modern Wooden Work Desk from Andersen Furniture

Home Workspace with a Space-Savvy Wooden Desk Ideas

Smart Desks are Great for Modern Home Desk Design Ideas

The industrial style home office is the one for those who wish to keep flowing aesthetics to a minimum and wish to focus on practicality. Mood and metal desks such as these also ensure that you need not worry too much about top-notch maintenance either! Even if the table is a touch messy, it feels just fine thanks to its shabby-industrial appeal. An integral and essential part of the home office style, picking the right desk makes a huge difference indeed!

Perfect Combination of Workdesk and Chair for the Ergonomic Home Office

Industrial Home Office Desk in Wood and Metal Design Ideas

Innovative Work Tables

Creative desks from Sitness and Moll ensure that the idea of a great home office starts early as your kids also enjoy the benefits of a wonderful home workstation and study zone. Some of these delightful desks can be easily used both by tweens and adults alike with a few simple turns of a knob! Draped in bright colors and ushering in visual contrast, these dashing work desks are ideal for the modern, urban family.

Classic Modern Home Desk from Szel Mob Furniture

Junior Desk is Cool for the Home Office Workstation and Study Room

The perfect home office desk is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and adaptability. Finding it can be a hard task at times. But do not compromise on your workstation if you wish to develop a healthy and productive workstyle.

Contemporary Home Office Desks

Just because you are forced to build a home study, does not mean that it has to be old and outdated. Times have changed and there are so many new and exciting designs in home office furniture that will have you enjoying the task of setting up your workplace at home. If you are running a business from your home, maybe it’s time you thought about the kind of image your home office creates. You want to come across as organized, modern and stylish should a client need to visit your home office!

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Innovative Home Office Desk Design from Sitness Furniture

Bring Colorful Kids Workstation with Decor from Moll Furniture

Brilliant Wood Home Office Desk Furniture Ideas

Using a contemporary theme in your home study is one way to create this image. Whether you are fortunate to have an entire study dedicated to your work or you can only afford to spare a corner of your living room, you need to have a good desk. You can now have a modern, chic office no matter how big or small your space is. If you purchase the right furniture that is!

Creating the Perfect Modern Office at Home

If you are struggling to set up a modern home study, here are few tips:

  • Choose modern furniture and accessories: The key to creating a modern office area is to incorporate modern furniture into the space. Modern home office desks and chairs can be bought almost anywhere. These contemporary pieces are made to fit any space and can be customized according to the measurements of your working area.
  • Look for designs that are unique or extraordinary for a truly modern home study. Forget about the plain rectangular desk that we all have gotten accustomed to; modern desks are designed to be fresh and funky as well as practical. Chairs have also undergone a serious makeover in the past few years, with increasingly ergonomic designs designed with your comfort in mind.

Luxury Wooden Home Office Desk Design Ideas

Interesting Corner Home Office Desk Design Ideas

Inspirational Home Office Desks Design Ideas

  • Steal décor ideas:If you don’t really know what a modern office looks like get ideas from TV shows. By choosing the right modern home office desks and chairs you can easily imitate the very modern Mode office on Ugly Betty in your own home. Look at the smaller decorative items and steal ideas for storage spaces from magazines or the internet.
  • Think about the rest of your home: If you home is quite traditional, it might not be a good idea to create a modern home study. The styles will clash and the impact of the modern office space will be lost. However, if you are thinking about a building modern home office, chances are you already have quite a contemporary home so follow the theme to the office furniture.

Home Office L Shaped Desk Design Ideas

Elegant L Shaped Home Office Desk Design Ideas

Classic Cherry Home Office Desk Design Ideas

Modern home office desks are becoming increasingly trendy for a number of reasons. With more and more people working from home, they are looking for ways to revitalize their old home offices to reflect a fresh new look. Buying contemporary furniture items is one of the best ways to revitalize a workspace.

Revitalize your home study with one of the many stunning modern home office desks on the market, and enjoy increased productivity and inspiration from your clean and uncluttered new look.

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