25 Modern Living Room Cabinets Ideas, Display Cabinets, TV Cabinets & Storage Cabinets

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Glass door cabinets allow you to create a stunning display in the living room

When it comes to selecting living room furniture, there are always certain pieces that seem to be essential. Living room cabinets are one of such furniture pieces. They come in so many types that anyone can get confused about what to use! This article makes you aware of the varieties of cabinets that you can find and place in your most visited room of the home.

We spend most of our day worrying about ways in which we can make our home that extra bit more special, better and unique. We think about how to maximize space, add new colors and bring in the hottest trends of the season without going overboard. But then there are times when we give ourselves a moment to indulge in the finest; by admiring décor that is just lavish and world-class! Today we do so with a few cabinets that look as impressive in the living room as they do in the dining room and bring a whole lot of sophistication along with an air of royalty. These cabinets will simply blow you away with their sense of opulence and finesse even while combining timeless aura with distinct modernity.

Large wall panels create a mirror that perfectly reflects the style of living room cabinets sophisticated cabinets

Cabinet de Curiosité designed by Fabrice Berrux is a masterpiece that draws inspiration from Parisian design at its charming best. You feel like travelling into a different portal with this cool shelf which can store everything from your books and magazines to small accessories and a few carefully placed vases here and there! It feels whimsical and still modern; a cabinet that you will undoubtedly cherish for years to come.

The Living Exclusiva Collection from Scavolini comes with an equally ingenious and far more versatile collection of cabinets that feel ever so amazing. Blending an exclusive classical style with modern functionality, the impressive cabinets ooze luxury at every turn. From glittering gold accents to marble covered surfaces and intricately crafted details, every little thing here makes a big difference to the overall appeal of your living room.

Modern TV Cabinet Design For Living Room

Marble top cabinet oozes class and luxury living room cabinets

Glass door cabinets allow you to create a stunning display in the living room

Stopsol mirror wall panels are the true showstoppers in this living space composition

Display Cabinets

You can use display cabinets to display your interesting decorative items. If thinking of options, use entertainment units or showcases with sleek designs for contemporary living room, chest of drawers or decorative armoires for traditional or antique decor style, a corner curio for almost all types of decor styles as they come in various designs.

Twin cabinets in Titanium gray with metallic accents

Closer look at the fabulous Cabinet de Curiosité

Storage Cabinets

If you have shortage of space due to a small living room, you can always use storage cabinets as a solution. The modern storage cabinets for living room are not at all boring. They have both types of shelves- for displaying your items as well as those with doors where you can store other things not meant to be shown off like magazines, CDs, and other tit bits.

TV Cabinets

These are furniture pieces that have become almost inevitable, thanks to the popularity of TV as the most important media for entertainment! You can use this opportunity to its full by using a TV cabinet that can be used as display as well as storage solution. You can find TV stands, TV trolley, and TV wall units with all kinds of display and storage options. Choose the one that perfectly goes with your requirements.

Enchanting Designs For Living Room TV Cabinets

Classical style combined with modern elements in the Exclusiva Collection

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