28 Best Small and Functional Apartment Bathroom Ideas that Maximize Space

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Dashing wood and white bathroom for the small Barcelona apartment

Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas – When it comes to decorating your home, there are three rooms that you need to get absolutely spot on the bedroom, kitchen and the bathroom. Yes, other spaces like the living room, dining area and home office are also essential. But if you carefully look at the time you spend in your house, you will realize that it is the former trio that defines the quality of your life! Having already shared with our readers small apartment dining room and bedroom ideas, we feel it is only apt we give them a glimpse into the best tiny apartment bathrooms. This is a collection that you just cannot miss.

There are many things you can do to make sure that the small apartment bathroom feels elegant and relaxing. But the most important aspect of it all is to ensure that it does not seem claustrophobic or outdated. A small space that is also dark and ungainly can dampen your day almost instantly. That is precisely why you need a bathroom which is as cheerful as your modest bedroom and the rest of light-filled modern apartment. Charming, but also efficient; the inspirations below tell you how to get the balance spot on.

Refreshing and beautiful tiny bathroom minimalist in blue with a dash of white design ideas

Beautiful Blue Small Bathroom Ideas

There is no doubt that in any tiny space or room, white is the color that we most often turn to. But the second most popular choice in tiny bathrooms, and rightfully so, is blue in its many lighter shades and tints. The idea of a blue and white bathroom brings forth the images of a luxurious spa-style setting and this give the small bathroom a relaxing visual appeal. You can either choose the lighter shade of blue as the primary color in the bathroom and let white take a backseat, or you can paint it white and use clever pops of blue as smart accents.

Placing the small apartment bathroom between the kitchen and living area

Awesome tiny blue and white bathroom for the small apartment minimalist ideas

Blue and white is a color scheme in the bathroom that works for a variety of styles from coastal and beach to Scandinavian and minimal. But before you pick a style and color scheme, you need to find a place for the bathroom in your already constricted apartment! Modern design and a world of multi-tasking possibilities has seen apartment owners opt for bathroom cubicles with additional space above them which can be used for everything ranging from a second bedroom to work area and storage space. Small, deftly engineered cubes serving as bathrooms can be crafted using translucent glass, wood or any other material of your choice. They appear sophisticated and do so without wasting an inch of space.

White sink, wooden countertop and dark bathroom vanity for the small modern bathroom

White mixed with gray is a popular color combination in the small contemporary bathroom

Tiny bathroom of the small attic apartment with Scandinavian style

Tiles for the Tiny Bathroom

Choosing tiles for the small bathroom is a touch tricky because you do not want to visually fragment an already compact space. Once again, it is the white subway tiles that emerge as the leader of the pack here, but for those looking for something different, the 6-sided tiles are the trendiest option. Hexagonal floor and wall tiles are currently a hit and from the large ones in gray to tiny penny sized copper wonders; you have a delightful array of options to pick from.

Minimalist modern tiny bathroom in neutral colors ideas

Industrial loft bathroom in white is a smart space-saver

Hidden bathroom in a gray cubicle saves space inside the small apartment bedroom ideas

Small White Bathrooms Ideas

We already discussed about how popular white is in the small bathroom. It is one thing to use it in order to fashion a relaxing bathroom and a whole different ball game when you want an all-white bathroom. Small, all-white bathrooms look absolutely gorgeous, but they require plenty of care and maintenance. Since bright and old colors are either limited or non-existent in these settings, you actually need to choose a style and stick to it ardently in order to give the bathroom a personality of its own. A dash of pastel power and metallic magic can also enliven these monochromatic settings.

Penny tiled hexagonal flooring for the small apartment bathroom ideas

White sink, wooden countertop and dark bathroom vanity for the small modern bathroom

Natural slate and teak bathroom for the small urban apartment

Minimalist tiny bathroom for the small guest apartment unit

Minimalist modern tiny bathroom in neutral colors ideas

Woodsy Charm for the Small Bathroom

Feel that your small contemporary bathroom is lacking a hint of warmth and elegance? Nothing balances this environment better than wood. Floating wooden vanities fit in seamlessly with modern and transitional styles and they give the tiny, white bathroom a smart focal point. Apart from the obvious textural contrast one gains from the addition, you also are creating an opportunity for a blend of decorating styles down the line.

Dashing wood and white bathroom for the small Barcelona apartment

Clever hidden bathroom under the mezzanine level inside the small apartment

Black and white Scandinavian style bathroom filled with natural light

Dashing wood and white bathroom for the small Barcelona apartment

Fabulous small white and blue bathroom with wooden vanity

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